Nantwich duo qualify for world championships

cyclingIan Middleton admits competing in the World Masters Championships in Denmark will be a highlight of his long racing career.

The 67-year-old, from Aston, first got involved in competitive cycling almost three decades ago – after injury forced him to quit running long distances.

Now he is looking forward to one of the biggest events of his life, after his recent silver medal at the Tour of Cambridgeshire qualified him for a trip to Scandinavia later this year.

And he won’t be travelling alone, as team-mate Dom Crisp has also earned the right to take on the world.

Ian said: “I entered the Tour of Cambridgeshire because it was different to anything else I had entered before.

“The main attraction was racing on a closed road circuit. Both Dom and myself were successful in qualifying for the worlds so it is a highlight of my cycling career.”

Ian, previously a keen club runner, started cycling at 39 and was a member of several different clubs.

In 2013 he started his own team – Vision Racing – which is stocked with 17 male and female riders, aged 18-67, predominantly from the Crewe & Nantwich area.

Ian explained: “The team is in its second season. We focus on competition – time trials, road races, triathlon and duathlon.

“This season has started very successfully, and we will be competing in a wide range of events from now until the beginning of October.

“One of my goals is to build a team that is continually developing and improving.”

Ian, who has clocked 23mins for a 10m trial this term, and Dom, a manager at the leisure centre in Nantwich, were among 700 entrants who took on the 28km trial at the Tour of Cambridgeshire.

He clinched a superb silver medal in his 65-69-year-old age category, while Dom qualified thanks to finishing in the top 25% of the 31-35 age group. The pair will now fly to Denmark for the worlds in September.

Vision Racing are grateful for vital sponsorship from GRM Property Consultants and Delamere Dairy.